What is Kinneybunkport?

We are a husband and wife team (Andrew & Jennifer Kinney) who have built a brand around our passion for family, friends, entertaining, food, and design.  Jennifer has been in sales and marketing for more than 20 years. Andrew has been in the film industry making computer animated films for companies like Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. We are adding products to our ever-expanding inventory daily. Please be patient with us as we grow. 

The Kinneybunkport Name

The name Kinneybunkport happened by chance. It was coined by a friend while we lived in California. Our passion for bringing people together to enjoy good food, entertaining and design coalesced in 2008 with the words “When I'm at your house I feel like I'm on vacation. I'm going to call it Kinneybunkport.”  Not to be confused with (but in homage to) the summer haven of the wealthy in Kennebunkport, Maine. Our style is affordable, quality products and food that embody timeless design and elegance. At Kinneybunkport, we pride ourselves on helping you achieve your entertaining, food and design goals through our expertise and passion. We look forward to providing you fresh, seasonal styles, comfort cooking and outstanding customer service.